Christmas gifts!

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  1. I know it is a little late to start this thread, so I am typin' as fast as my bruised fingers can go.
    At 3891, I have a lot. I also have a small spruce tree. With Presents for Special People and anyone who would like. There is only 10 slots so sign up fast and get free stuff!!!
    1. Equablehook624- Built a few things
    2. Chascarrillo-Bought stuff to support the resort
    3. Garcia30-Also Bought and donated
    4.-BuildmasterGT-First Customer
    5,6,7,8,9 and 10 are Free!!!
  2. It's not just the gifts either. We are holding an all out party on black rock ridge. Can I hire someone to be da "DJ" and come with at least 10 C418 discs?
  3. So here is what will be hosted at 3891:
    Skiing on Black Rock Ridge
    DJ(I hope)
    3 Fireworks Shows!!!
    Auctions for Items such as fireworks, ocelot eggs, swords, and anything else that people want.