Christmas Gifts :)

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  1. All presents have been given. Thank you to everyone who donated and have a wonderful holiday everyone :)

    Hi, everyone its almost that day of the year when everyone wakes up in the morning and wonder what they will get. So preparing for that I'am making this thread to let everyone know about the Christmas gift giveaway that I will be holding almost all day on the 25th of December. I'am also making this thread to ask for donations from everyone in the emc empire :) and I will give a list of things you can donate for the gift giveaways and I will tell you how it will be done.

    Location: Official Residence : 2116 smp 1(Looking for good builders for christmas tree/present boxes) Pm me samples if I like them ill respond :)
    Time: Any time while I am on during December 25th - 28th :) The reason I extended the gifting date is because some of us will probably be on vacation with our family or too busy on the 25th with family at home which might go for me, if I have plans. But I will be on for a few hrs and on for most of the day from 26th-28th
    How to Donate: Start a private conversation with me and then we will meet up.
    Important Info: All items that are not given during the giveaway will be returned to owner. Items will be returned on the 29th - (to when we are able to meet up)

    Giveaway Method
    Dispensers will be randomly shooting out the gift's for everyone. Once someone recieve a prize I will place a sign near the giveaway area with the name of the person and what they got so everyone knows. The dispenser limit I have right now is 5 so about 45 items will be given away. If I get more donated items then the dispensers will increase and if I don't get much or any at all it might decrease to 3 dispensers but hopefully I will be able to grab decent items to giveaway :).

    Items you can Donate
    Beacon :eek:
    Diamond Block
    Iron Block
    Gold Block
    Enchanted Items
    Emerald Block
    Wither Skull
    Iron Ingot (half stack)
    Gold Ingot (half stack)
    Emerald (half stack)
    Diamond (half stack)
    All mob drops (In stack)
    All building block (In 5 stack)
    You can Donate full armor set (If someone land on they get whole set)
    Special Dirt Block : will represent rupees (Current amount will be on next post)

    *On these items : Iron Block, Gold Block, Emerald Block : If you get these from dispensers you get 5 of them :D
    *The Items with "half stack" means that you can only donate them in 32's, yes I know dispenser don't shoot out a all 32 items, thats why I'am just puting 1 of the specific type of item/block in the dispenser and if someone gets it ill have a chest with the half stack in it to give to them :)
    *"In 5 stack" - Now 5 stacks!? wat!? This is because these type of blocks will probably what will be donated most so if you want to donate them do it in stacks of 5, and same thing applies to this as "In stack" where person who get the specific type of block get all 5 stacks. Also if anyone land on these blocks they actually get all 5 stacks not just one.

    *Warning - do not post here for donating cause I might not get to it + we would probably be spamming the forum to come up with our meeting time so its best to keep it to private conversation :)*

    Get in the Holiday spirit everyone and donate
  2. I will be updating this list as I obtain the donation and items :)

    Nothing is remaining thank you to all who donated :)

    Special Dirt Block Amount (8) : 2000r

    My Gifts
    Wither Skull ( yay got one xD )
    3 Stack of Emerald
    2 Diamond Blocks
    5 Stack of Oak Logs
    9 Stack of Iron Ingot
    Stack of Gold Ingot
    4 Stack of Exp Bottle (Yellow wool will represent exp bottles, cause it breaks if shot out from dispenser)
    5 Stack of Black Wool
    5 Stack of Red Wool
    5 Stack of Stone Brick
    15 Stack of Glowstone
    5 Stack of Glass
    Diamond armor set
    Diamond Pick - Unbreaking 3
    5 Stack of Green Wool
    5 Stack of Stone
    5 Stack of Cobblestone
    Diamond Sword - Knockback 2, Bane of Arthopods 4
    5 Stack of Stone Brick Stairs
    2 Stacks of Charcoal (For them naughty kids, LOL)
    codygraw101 - 60 Emerald Blocks, 60 Iron Blocks
    PRO_G4NGST4 - Stack of Iron Ingot
    TheMiniKins - Chain armor
    Buters89 - 10k
    jrlizard - 2 Stacks of Blaze Rod, Diamond Pick - Unbr 2 Eff 3 Silk 1
  3. *bump* (I will be bumping every 1-2 days so get use to it :p)
  4. Been waiting for about 10 min already in front of you :) I've got a stack of iron and glowstone dust for you.
  5. Yea my bad was afk :p
  6. I might have to donate more in the near future :rolleyes:...
  7. :D
  8. i mostly have stacks of cobble in remote locked chests in the utopia wild but i will try to look for stuff to donate:)
  9. :)
  10. I can donate some goodies. Also got a present box template :)
  11. Cool :) send me a pm on what you would like to donate and If you can build it present in creative real quick and screenshot it if thats too much Ill try to find time xD
  12. On my phone right now, but do a 3x3 base, knock out the middle bits so you're left with corners, build those up to more blocks, in a new color fill in the middle bits, continue the stripes to he middle, and add a bow :)
  13. hehehe :confused:
  14. Go to 4271 smp2 sometime tommarrow, ill build one :)
  15. Logged off and went on another server after 10 min :p
    Can you set up an access chest?
  16. Done xD its on 2117
  17. Pro :p you should pm me when your going to donate cause the only valid donation (Although every donation is a good :) cause ur giving) is the iron ingot xD.
  18. Can I donate rupees and get a little advert on the main post?
  19. Well I can put ur name under donation with a res but other then that not sure if theres enough room trying to fit people in 1 line each to keep it short