Christmas Gifts!!! :D

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  1. images.jpeg Hey guys, Chris here! Well, since Christmas is right around the corner, (literally!) I want to get everyone Christmas presents! (EDIT: Since this is such short notice, I will be moving it back to Easter!) So, comment below if you want to receive a present from me! If anyone outside of smp2 comments here, I won't get a present for them (only because I don't have much stuff), but the only exception is moderators and up... So, present time!! :D
    (EDIT: For alt accounts, you will not receive double items, only one present per person! Sorry!)
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  3. I want a christmas present please
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  4. I would like a christmas present please. :)
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  5. South Park comments here :)
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  6. Not litetrally. Easter time at least. I still have 31 minuites left
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  7. Not a comment.
  8. May I plz have a present
  9. Changed it andster, now pushed to Easter! :)
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  10. Lol
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