Christmas Eve party!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am super excited to show you guys what I have in store for this party!

    We got christmas present openings under 3 trees for Players, contribution/stream/build team and staff! The people mentioned in the reserved comment before the party begins will have one under the christmas tree.

    If you are not mentioned you can still come because I got LOADS of stuff planned for this event!

    We got chest slots, choose a slot to be in, and then stay in it until you get access to the chests! Random cool stuff will be in the chest along with some good promos or something. Still haven't figured it out yet

    Whatever is left in the chests will be given away at the finale as a drop party! Along with the grief party of the trees, which isn't all that much. But griefing is fun to do!

    This event will be fun, here are the order of events:

    1. Gathering around the fireplace for a telling of 'Twas the night before christmas!
    2. Christmas gifts opening
    3. Random Chest giveaway
    4. Grief party
    5. Drop party!
    6. Sign-offs

    This will be such a fun event and it will be starting at the great time of 1 PM and will last until 4 PM where we sign off for firefloor! This will be on Christmas Eve, so for Americans it will be Thursday December 24th, 1 PM EMC/EST Time - 4 PM EMC/EST Time!

    See you guys there!
    -Shyguy Claus
  2. Bump! Get the word out! :p