Christmas Building Competition

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  1. Merry Christmas EMC, I haven't seen much on Forums about X-Mas Building Contest... so I decided to host one. The way this will work, is that you will build a X-Mas related Item. Ex: Christmas Tree, Snowman, Present,... To enter, leave a comment on what your res number is and what smp you are building it on ( or utopia). When building, make sure to leave a sign at the bottom of your build to indicate what your build is. Please send donations to for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place, this can include items or rupees. :D:rolleyes:
    This Event will be over on December 24th (Christmas Eve).
    Please make Donations to me and if you wish to donate items please come to my residence on smp4 and my res number is 9490.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Have fun with This Event
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  2. So it had to be built on EMC? What are prizes?
  3. Yes it Needs to be built on EMC and on your res, I will visit your res everyday to check your progress, and the prizes are for 1st place 1k, 2nd place 500, and for 3rd 250r.
  4. Cool I'll definItly enter
  5. I like these kinds of contests, but do have a question;
    Does the size of the build matter?
    And where do the donations go to?
  6. no the size does not matter but the bigger the better
  7. Oh and Donations will come to me to give out to 1st 2nd & 3rd place winners
  8. /v 14944 smp7
    I'm in
  9. Ty
  10. Today Is the Final day to Start placing touches on Builds and me Your EMC address ;)
  11. sorry I can't comPETE but check out my neighbor please /v bluedolphingirls thx see ya