Choosing a new computer for gaming

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  1. Hello there, EMC!
    As of late, I've noticed my Mac is going out of date. It's 6 years old. XD There's just a few things I'm looking for in a new computer:
    -It's a laptop
    -It's got gaming class hardware (I'd like to play the new Mirror's Edge with high settings and little to no lag, for example)
    -It's easily upgradeable, so I can keep it for another 6 years or so
    I'd like to keep the price under 1000 USD, but that really depends on the computer's quality.
    So my question is, do you have any advice to guide me to the right computer? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I am playing on a laptop, i do not advise it. My average fps in minecraft is 16. I wish i had a desktop:(
  3. If you could possibly increase your budget...
    That thing is as cheap and up to date as I could find. Honestly though, I would wait. Now is a very bad time to buy new laptops. They have barely implemented the new Nvidia graphics cards and the new Intel CPUs. If you want more bang for your buck, I would wait until more new models start pouring out.
    Its your hardware that is you problem. My old laptop got 6fps, my newer one gets 80fps (with an old graphics card too). You just need newer and better hardware to play better games.
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