Choongjae's Panda Pixel Art!

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  1. Hello, my name is Choongjae, and guess what I love! PANDAS! also potatoes.
    So, what can I do about them? I can make panda faces!
    Ever been lazy, and want to spice up your lot with panda's? Well, here you go!

    I will create panda faces for anyone, provided it's in the correct circumstances!

    Those are the 2 designs I do, observe the difference!
    The first design is 225 rupees. It is 20 wide, and 14 tall.

    The second design is 200 rupees. It is 19 wide, and 14 tall.
    If you want me to build a panda pixel art face in your residence, just post! Or message me or so!

    Make sure to give me build perms, so I can place down blocks!
    Most usually, I am busy often, so your order may take a small amount of time to get to! I take about 30-40 mins or so to build a face, so please be patient!
    Also, there is a small added fee to servers other then smp6. Due to vault fee, it will only be 5 rupees more then normal price!

    I may or may not add more pixel art things in the future, but, for now, take care, and BRUSH YOUR HAIR! :)