CHN Inc.

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  1. Welcome EMC!

    Just click the spoiler for more information!

    Need something new built? Maybe something handy? Redstone need redoing?

    Then hire US!

    We know new technology and are making even more new things! Secretly with loads of players from a private server!

    On the res of 9139 you can find our exclusive shopping mall, selling almost everything and very well stocked! Very cheap too ;)

    Our team of amazing builders will do whatever you order in a very quick time! Just make a order!

    The other thing we have is a hotel on 9140, the clock tower hotel. With the best features and rooms for life, make a order!
    We currently cover all SMP's Including, Utopia!

    By using CHN Inc. For anything you are agreeing to these terms:

    When using 'Redstone Work':
    • The redstone we use is for our use only and not to be used without consent from us, unless the the redstone is from another source such as YouTube.
    • Costs of transport can be added into the bill.
    When using 'Building Work':
    • The final work of what we have built is under our using only and not others. Please don't replicate any buildings done by us without permission.
    • Costs of transport can be added into the bill
    When using 'Shopping Mall':

    • The shopping mall is open to everyone without any stopping on what we sell and what you do with the thing you have brought in the shopping mall. In return we ask you don't judge if we sell items from you.
    When using 'Hotel':

    • After purchasing the room with the correct rent/permanent status given too you, we reserve the right to remove the ownership of your room within the same 10 day period of EMC. To avoid this PM nfell2009
    Overall Terms:

    • We reserve the right not to do a order posted by you
    • We reserve the right to report you to moderators for:
      • Not paying
      • Offensive post's e.t.c. Or anything breaking EMC official rules
    • We also will get post's deleted if they have no relevance or are spamming the thread this may also come with a report.
    Thank you for reading these.
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  5. Sounds pretty nice do you guys build those auto tree farms?
  6. For using Oak only? Then yes. Im currently working on a other tree types
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  7. if this was on smp1........ but its not. so i shall say no more than this : love it.
  8. Any server!*

    We can supply or you can!*

    *Servers other than SMP4 will have 30r charge of us supplying.
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  12. Any orders? Bump
  13. Is it on smp6?
  14. Yes all servers.
  15. I don't remember seeing anything of this in SMP9..
  16. I dont advertise on servers other than SMP4