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  1. Hello all! It's your favorite bear-in-a-suit horse salesman! Well soon I'll be 300 days old (According to my old account) and to celebrate this I'm holding a contest, and horse race with a drop party at the end! If you have any questions about anything, you can either comment to this thread or private message me. Important parts are in bold
    Contest Info:
    I'm holding a skin making contest where the prize is 25k.
    I will be personally judging these skins on a two things.
    1. Is the skin of a bear?
    2. Does the skin have white and orange on it?
    You can make the skin goofy, derpy, happy, mad, or any other way! Extra points on how well it represents me.
    Contest ends July 31st
    Horse Race Info:
    The horse race will be at July 31st at 4:00 pm EST.
    Location will be revealed closer to the time of the event. Sign-ups for racing are required. Just tell me you'll be riding in pm or on this thread.
    Depending on how many people are there, how many rounds there will be. Top 2 will move on till they vs me on my trusty steed to win the grand prize.
    Horses and saddles will be provided at the event.
    I am looking for a horse track to rent for the time of my event. If you have a race track, contact me to discuss arrangements.
    Drop Party Info:
    The drop party will be after the horse race event including promos, horses, junk, gems, armor, anything!
    If you want to donate contact me to arrange pickup.
  2. I will ride and participate in the contest, just one thing will all horses have same stats?
  3. Wow, sounds awesome! I'll definitely attend the drop party, not sure about the horse race. I don't want to make any commitments in case I can't show up. :)
  4. Yes. Depending on the course, jump may not be used so jump wouldn't matter
    There isn't a set time for the drop party so hopefully you can watch the race!
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  5. Sounds fun, I'll try to make it. :) Congrats on 300 days. Thanks! :D
  6. I hope you can buddy! Thanks! :D
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  7. Bump! Skin contest has 0 entries, no one wants 25k then :p
  8. UPDATE:
    Will remove Skin-Making Contest by monday if there are no entries.
    Still in need of horse riders
    Still in need of horse track
  9. Bump
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