[Chilly Auction] Blizz Ard Bundle

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  1. You've Activated my TRAP CARD!!!

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  2. Haha just realized i spelled Release wrong bhahahha
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  3. Had me worried that I copied your spellingk :p

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  4. Ill play my final card

    no seriously lol 80k
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  5. 80k is still a steal! Looks like Ratsxed might be one lucky son-of-a-gun.

    ~55 hours remain.
  6. Bump! Nobody else will stand against Ratsxed? Seems like he rules the playing field today.
  7. Bump.

    ~45 hours remain
  8. Sorry for double-bumping! I just found out that both the eye and the nose are unused!
  9. Bumparoo!

    36 hours left. Deal of a lifetime here.

    Will anyone have it for their own or will Ratsxed keep the hoard?
  10. Sorry Ratsxed, I forgot to take care of this last night. You have won the auction. I will mail the parts after confirming payment.
  11. Still waiting for payment. :)
  12. No problem. I haven't even looked lol I completely forgot. Payment will be sent tonight
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