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  1. I have 2 questions that i would like to get answered the first is a nice setup to harvest large amount of eggs. I was hoping to see a cleaver design like the flooding a room to harvest wheat.
    The other question is there a mod or some easy way to count chickens, with out using spawn eggs. I would just like to get rough estimate so I know what my computer handle in terms of chickens ?
    am more worried.

    My property is on smp 4, 8990 i believe. I will warn you. There are alot of chickens in my pens.
  2. Its really laggy there. Your neighbours' computer might not be able to handle that amount of entities. I'd suggest clearing most of them to reduce lag for others. Using F3, you can see how many entities are there in the area, shown under "ALL". When I was there, it had about 1.7k+ entities, so I assume there is at least, if not more, 500 chickens there.
  3. From what I understand, anything over 200 is against the rules since it's such a lagfest.
  4. Chickens ed.jpg
    Sorry couldn't help it lol
  5. killed most of them or turned them in spawn eggs
  6. 1783 big monies for your eggs, good price sad you wont be, good day eternal luck to you