Chickens!!! [HELP!!!!!]

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  1. Some days ago there was a few chickens..then some people started to throw eggs and well this:

    EDIT: FORGOT to mention this is on a fountain in the TOWN

    This is on SMP9
  2. Anyone likes my FPS? LOL
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  3. Holy cow. I sometimes swear chickens lay eggs and they hatch. I think someone suggested potion of Harming? Or whatever it is. You toss it and kills everything.
  4. Try using a few splash damage potions.
  5. jump down in there and start swinging

    what res is it and i'll do it
  6. Its in a fountain so you can't.
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  7. These chickens are on a fountain in the middle of town road.I tried shooting them down from my res,tried shooting the sky and arrows falling to them..and if anyone could donate some splash harming it would help :p
  8. hey that is near my res and there were 3 a few weeks ago! i will see what i can do to help .... but you have to admit that it is kind of funny. :)
  9. Problem solved! Terminator killed them,thanks!
  10. potion of harming is ur answer