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  1. need some wool,milk or oak wood come to my restraints and buy some

    wool 20 for $40
    available in: red,blue,black,white,purple and green

    oak wood 64 for $100

    milk buket 1 for $20
    and I'll buy 1 iron buket for $10 too take it off your hands If you want
  2. If you are in need of buckets I can sell you as many as you want at 9r per bucket.
  3. I've cleaned up the thread and moved it to the correct forum. In the future please don't be aggressive.
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  4. ok then It was just a miss under standing from my side and lack in expirants
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  5. well the iron buckets were more of a thing to go with the milk buckets so when some is done with the milk bucket which is now a iron bucket they can sell the iron bucket back for 50% of what they spent buying the milk bucket off me for. also I've incress the price of the milk buckets to $20 make iron buckets $10 on what I buy from you done deal
    also it's off profit resons too