Checking Residence Block History

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  1. I was recently griefed, and of course, as anyone should know, block history can't be tracked in Town residences, only in the Wilderness.

    My question is, why not make it so it can be checked?

    I don't mean "Halp plz, i was griffed, ban this nub." I have no mind to get anyone banned, as I realize it is fully my responsibility for anyone who has permissions on my plot. The only reason I would like to have block history check on residences is so I know whom to remove from my plot.

    I fully understand if this will not be implemented, since it's not my decision, but I'll leave you with my two cents in peace.
  2. My understanding is the block history is not tracked in either the Town or the Wild because it would cause to much server lag, but I may be wrong.
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  3. ^^^
  4. We do not even track every block in the wild. We track certain actions because just like the warning you receive when you give some build permissions, there is a warning about building in the wild. Not all block actions are checked. We do our best to prevent and handle situations where we can.

    With that being said, you were talked to by several staff members about this particular situation. We give you full ability to protect everything in town. If you give up that ability, and something is done, you essentially gave them permission to do what they did. Does that make them right for they did? Of course not. But, the reason we do not track it in a case like this is simple. What if you actually allowed that person to remove your gold block? Then for some reason you guys had a falling out friendship wise, so you decide to say they stole it. Now, this is a big reason of why things are handled they way they are. You are given the option to release build permissions, and when you do so, a GIANT RED warning is given when you do so. Saying in a summarized version, what I just said here.
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  5. This actually makes a lot of sense, I hadn't thought of it that way. Guess I didn't think it would cause much lag, if any. I'm not very tech-savvy.

    A couple things:

    1) I spoke with two, not several, staff members. Also, I only spoke to you to confirm what I was given to understand from the other staff member, as he/she seemed a little confused by what I was saying (My wording was probably terrible). I'm not trying to contradict you by making this post, I simply felt a need to give my side.

    2) Yes, and I agree, I did give the griefer permission. I'm not asking for any retribution or a replacement of the stolen block, I'm asking for the ability to know who stole it. I'm given the freedom of giving up full protection and putting my work at risk, so why should I not have the freedom to limit the amount of risk by being able to distinguish liars and griefers from those I can trust so I can still build with my friends freely; that is, remove griefers without having to think "Hm, maybe HE wasn't the griefer, maybe it was her!"? If this isn't something staff is willing/going to implement, I am totally fine with that. It is not my decision and I respect yours.

    3) I think you're misinterpreting my intentions here. I have no need for any staff members to resolve any conflict, restore a stolen block, etc., my point was that I'd like to be able to know who it was so I could deal with it because it was trivial.

    4) I sense some hostility here (or maybe I'm just being paranoid), and I'd like to clear the air by saying it's not my intention to get on anyone's bad side. I saw a place for me to speak my mind, so I did. Whatever previous conversations were held had no influence nor did they (directly) cause this post. I only made this post in the interest of keeping the server great.
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