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  1. Is there a way that you can check how many days your forum account has been around?
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  2. yep your from Feb 5th 2012
  3. Thanks, that means I'm almost at my one year mark!
  4. Yep Good Luck!
  5. In Game you can do /p Player Name
  6. that could be different if you sign up on this website on lets say 1/5 then play the server on 1/17
  7. Ya I played ingame on the say day I believe.
  8. Look at your profile. It should say.
  9. What's the good luck for? :eek:
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  10. another year of good luck
  11. Everyone needs good luck. ;)
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  12. what do you mean golfer 1/5 is before 1/17 your point is agreeing with what i wrote
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  13. Wait, what?..
  14. Time on forums is the actual measure of time on the forums, not the game. I think there was someone who just joined, yet had been part of the empire forums for about 50 days. I didn't think the tutorial was that hard, but whatever.
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  15. I guess they gave up. :p thats funny xP