Check out What I made in UTOPIA

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  1. (old) 1.0

    2011-08-31_17.15.10.png (old) 2.0

    The Hey! Wall 3.0
    Thanks for all the help and support:
    AusQB, GameKribJim, wiseaxebob, iCucumberHD, GameKribJEREMY, R34P3RZzSKiLLZ
    (if i missed any one leave a comment)
    If you want to help out we need:
    10 Black wool, 30 Seeds, 64 GlowStone
    This will be a 4 point project
    (I'm a Diamond supporter which entitles me to write in this color)

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  2. ill give you 30 seeds and how did you get the wool and also why do you need the stuff at 745 if im on ill give the seeds
  3. Would you be mad if I replaced all your wool with matching wool and you’re H E Y ! with glow stone?
  4. N TO THE O!go ahead
  5. COOL, duck, looks interesting! Keep on building yea!!