Check Out One Of The Best Hotel/Apartment Buildings On Emc (In My Opinion)

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  1. Looking For A Place To Stay When You Visit Smp9......Well Check out Spann's Minecraftia Apartment Building, On Spann84x Res (18956) On Smp 9.......Its One Of The Best Places You Will Ever Live in on Emc!!!! Check It Out Soon Before All The Rooms Are Gone.....And Tell Them Gnyctk Sent You!!!!
  2. Why Do So Many People Feel The Need To Capitalize Every Single Word. Also, not to make this have nothing to do with this post, you should check out smp2 Blue Ribbon Hotel.
  3. What res...and sorry its just a habit.....
  4. Pics?
  5. Im not good with uploading snapshots....but I will try to get a few
  6. I don't remember the actual res # seeing as its 4 of them in a square, but its /v ignoramoose for the first one.
  7. I checked it out just now and its pretty decent.
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  8. Yeah Its really nice compared to other hotels out there..
  9. Not saying your hotel is bad, but Dragonia (correct my spelling if I am wrong) is one of the best, if not the best hotels out there.
  10. did'nt check his out...yet..I hear its good
  11. It is, its in utopia near the spawn
  12. There is also more on smp2