Cheapest Obsidian in 6

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  1. At least from what I have Seen. 1 for 8, 10 for 90. If you find any cheeper, let me know and I'll at least match it as long as I can find the place.
  2. That math doesn't work?! 8 x 10 = 80
    And I sell it 5r @ 9139
  3. lol i used 2 sell it at 1 for 2r, used to
  4. Wow, I'm dumb, didn't think about the math for some reason. And I was talking about on my server. But I suppose I wasn't Specific when I made the post. Thanks for the assist though.
  5. Changed Bulk price to 75.
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  6. Thats still an amazing price for Obsidian. I am only cheap because im a mega mall
  7. Just found an awesome place for it on my server. Are the maps all the same on every server?
  8. (upsidedown questionmark here) no comprendo es?