[CHEAP] x3 Enchanted Picks For Sale

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  1. Hi all, I'm selling triple enchanted pickaxes.
    I've listed what I have below, check it out!

    Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency V - Price: 7 500,- (3Left)
    Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV - Price: 7 000,- (1Left)

    If you are interested in buying a pick, name the pick below
    If you are interested but see the price unfair just tell it below, maybe I can figure something out for ya
  2. I'll take 1 silky
  3. Ok, where do we meet?
  4. I want the Fortune III Unbreaking III Eff V
    meet on 14664 Smp7
  5. On my way sir :)
  6. y u no answer?
  7. Fortune III unbreaking III and efficiency V
  8. Come and pick it up at smp5 res #11240 :)
    Be sure to pay me before or after. :)
  9. Whats the price....sorry didn't see it in the post
  10. =P
  11. Oh wow I am blind can we negotiate in a pm?
  12. Sure. :)
  13. Is anybody else interested in picks? PM me if you think the price is unfair maybe we can negotiate
  14. Can i please have silk toutch pick
  15. Your pick is waiting at smp5 Res #11240

    Be sure to pay me before or after,
  16. ok thanks i what price you want?
    and what enchants?
  17. Didnt you want a pickaxe with Fortune3,Unbreaking3,Efficiency5? And the price for that pick is 7500,-

    [EDIT] My bad, I ment Silktouch, Unbreaking3, Efficiency 4. That will cost you 7000,- Still interested?
  18. Be aware of this! Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency V will be totaly rare after 1.3.1 comes out here on EMC. You won't be able to get Efficiency V on any picks once EMC has updated!

    R.I.P Efficiency V
  19. Only 1pick with Silktouch left!
  20. Ill take it