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  1. Hey guys,
    I run a shop on smp7 where i try and keep prices as low as i can so that i can supply the good people of smp7 with all there needs.
    Almost all my items are really low price compared to most shops (maybe no all ;) and i dont really run a shop to make a profit, so, if you have any dimaonds emeralds, sand, sandstone glowstone etc.
    please come to 15440 on smp7 to sell.
    i will be buying stuff from people for the same price i sell :)
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  2. Cool,a cheap shop..

    Now the best part: Is it in stock/does it have a decent amount of stock?
  3. some stuff is in stock like iron/gold bricks and stuff,
    but the problem with having a cheap shop and me being the only current supplier is that i get stock in only when i can be bothered to get it,
    and i have quite a few items in my shop that need constant restocking so its hardwork.
    i will not say no to anyone from other servers buying i thinks thats great but i need suppliers. hence the thread :)
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