Cheap Profile Picture Service

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  1. Hey guys, first off I want to say Im not the best at this yet and since thats the case the prices will remain cheap at 250r per picture, no limits. So heres some examples of what Ive done ( Will not post Zion_Moyer's till contest is over )

    BeNub request:


    If you have any requests leave a comment, like I said Im not the best, but its cheap and fast!
  2. Wow you are good!
  3. Is it just profile pictures or is it also signatures too? As you can see my signature is... broken.
  4. Ill try to make you one, just leave a request
  5. Could I get one, Pretty spooky with a wolf in it XD Dark blue backround please and thanks! 400r in total being sent :D!
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  6. This good?

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  7. 2 f's =P
  8. ItsMeWolffpack
  9. Hey mate, just some artistic adivce :p If you use text its always great to use outer glow effects. Its basically a white/black border around your contrary colored text. This helps reading text on images.

    Here an example:

    without that black border this would be close to impossible to read. Check or google how to do this in the programm you use. (I think photoshop calls the effect outer glow, other programs probably have something common.
  10. In Photoshop, a thin stroke with an outer glow tends to work nicely :)