[CHEAP] Netherwarts, cocoa beans + cookies!

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  1. Hi everyone.

    Sick and tired of people putting high prices on netherwarts and cocoabeans? well worry no more :).
    Log onto SMP3.empireminecraft.com (I even gave you the link to be kind) and come to /v 6252, netherwarts and cocoa beans are at 1 rupee each! If you're lazy and cant be bothered clicking the sign, PM me an order for bulk amounts, (sensible amounts) and i'll sell you them manually :).

    If you would like help setting up your own farm to produce these, I will help out a few random induviduals who do ask as there will be high demand.

    Happy shopping :), and remember, /v 6252 SMP3 for cheap prices
  2. not anymore its not there
  3. Can I buy like 20 stacks of cocoa beans ?
  4. Do you have stock?