Cheap Maxed Enchanted Gear!

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  1. Hello EMC! Recently I opened my new enchant store! Now, you may be wondering what makes it so different? Well, my prices are below average! From GOD Armor to GOD Pickaxes, we have it!

    Shop Address: /v 17762 on /SMP8

    Now, for the prices:

    GOD Helmet: 2,250r (I have seen these for 3-6k)
    GOD Chestplate: 2,250r (Same As Helmet)
    GOD Leggings: 2,250r (Same as the two above)
    GOD Boots: 2,250r (Same as all of the above)

    GOD Sword: 2,500r (Elsewhere, 3-5k)
    GOD Bow: 2,300r (Close to Sword Prices)

    GOD Pickaxe: 1.800r (Will research further)

    Enchants On Items:

    Helmet: Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Aqua Affinity I, And Respiration III
    Chestplate: Protection IV, And Unbreaking III
    Leggings: Protection IV, And Unbreaking III
    Boots: Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Feather Falling IV, And Depth Strider III

    Sword: Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect I, Knockback I, And Looting III
    Bow: Power V, Unbreaking III, Punch II. Flame I, And Infinity I
    Combat Axe: Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect I, Knockback I, and Looting III.

    Pickaxe: Efficiency V And Unbreaking III
    Pickaxe: Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, and Silk Touch I
    Pickaxe: Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, and Forutne III

    Shovel: Efficiency V, Unbreaking III
    Shovel: Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, and Silk Touch I
    Shovel: Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, and Forutne III

    Axe: Efficiency V, and Unbreaking III

    Other Items Sold:
    Golden Apples: 1,800r Each (Stock is limited!)

    Items Being Bought:
    None Right Now! (Will Update Soon!)

    Also, if you would like me to create any armor/weapon will only certain enchants, please send me a Private Message on the forums! :) I will gladly make it for you, it make take just a day or two depending on time. :)

    PLEASE let me know if something is out of stock! I will try my hardest to get it back in stock that same day! :)

    Added the option to buy armor with or WITHOUT Thorns III.

    Added the option of buying tools with Silk Touch I or Fortune III.

    Added the option of buying weapons with Sharpness V and Unbreaking only.

    Added the option of buying bows with Power V and Unbreakng only.

    NOTE: Limit to 2 Sets of GOD Gear per order! Pickaxes limited to an SC. Swords and Bow to 5 Each Per Order!

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  2. Not sure where we order/purchase but:

    I will take 2 U3/E5 picks. Total: 3500r

    I will pay you 3600 for mailing included.
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  3. There is a shop on SMP8.. Updating OP now!
  4. Not able to send you a PM on the forums, and I wasn't online when you were. I would like to order 5 sets of god armor with thorns. I believe that comes out to be 47000 rupees, unless I can get a discount for bulk buying. :D I will pay and pick-up whenever you get back with me. :)
  5. I need armor and a bow. Time to start earning money to have enough!
  6. Bump! New store has been built! Same address, just more space! Potions may be coming soon unless I come up with other things to sell!

    NOTE: When 1.9 is released, the shop will be closing for a day or two. This gives me time to add Mending and Frost walker Boots to the store! Tlhey already have place holders in the store. Combat Axes will be added in "honor" of the 1.9 update!

  7. This is nice, Ill stop around sometimes :3
  8. Sorry for not posting, I had exams to study for.

    I have some amazing news! The shop will be moving across the street to a new building. This building will offer many new choices. This will also allow me to add Thorns to the armor. You will have the choice of buying with or without Thorns.

    As for my current order, I will begin on it later tonight.

    Also, some price changes may be coming soon. :)

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  9. Just an update.

    The store is set up, I just have to finish stocking everything. This shouldn't take more than.. 4-7 days depending on my play time each day. I will be updating the main post once the store is ready.

    The store will now sell enchanted tools besides pickaxes. There are also many different enchantments to choose from. Some prices may go up a little, at this point, it is hard to tell, anyway, that is it for now. :)

  10. Bump! Updated main post. Will be stocking items through out the week! Some prices have gone up just a tad ;)

    GOD apples lowered to 1.8k each. Only 36 in stock, buy while you can!

  11. If everything goes to plan, and it should, the store will either open today or tomorrow at the latest. If tomorrow, mending may or may not be added to the gear yet. :)

    As for my current order, I am working on the last items, but PLEASE DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER UNTIL I SAY IT IS OKAY. :)