Cheap-ish Beacon

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Is 18k a good price for a beacon?

NO 2 vote(s) 10.5%
YES 3 vote(s) 15.8%
what's a beacon 2 vote(s) 10.5%
Bacon? 12 vote(s) 63.2%
  1. I am currently taking orders for beacons for omly 18k (apposed to the usual 20k).
    Just PM me if you are interested and please don't comment on this thread if your wanting to argue
    Thx :)
  2. Nightly Bump
  3. I'll buy 2 for 17k each..
  4. if your selling bacon, ill take that. :3
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  5. I'll sell you bacon It will be around 15k each though.

    I'm not lying I will sell you BACON
  6. i've seen becons go for 5k...
  7. if its IRL, and you send me a huge 50lb box full of frozen bacon, ill give you all my 50k
  8. Alex
    Well i'm flexible with price haha so i will get that to you as shortly as possible :)
  9. The beacons are ready, plz PM me so i can give you the Beacons :)