Cheap Iron Picks

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  1. Hey guys! I accidently made 21 iron picks instead of iron axes, so, i am selling them all for 20r each or swapping them for iron axes, they are all non-used btw :) so any buyers or swappers plz comment :)
  2. I'll buy 'em. I just made the chest at SMP9 19000 buy iron picks for 20r. There is room for 21 of them; please sell 'em there.
  3. That's actually above average. The price I mean.
  4. K cool, ill come right now!
  5. Actually, what's your actual point? Actually?
  6. The thread states that these picks are "cheap"actually. Any actual point to that remark?
  7. Hope you find it; I'm there right now.
  8. Do you want to buy 'em? No.

    So, what is the purpose in your post?

    Just to say "ooh, that's *expensive*? Right. So.. don't buy 'em. Also, don't bother posting.

    Or... OK, you said, "That's actually above average. The price I mean.".

    OK. Please show that. I mean - show me shops, that actually have them in stock, for an actual price of actually less than 20r. Kthxactually.
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  9. Usually I would not spend time on petty things like this, however I don't want to admit defeat so I will disprove you for satisfaction. And what brought me to this thread was "cheap iron picks" not "average priced iron picks" so think rationally before you speak. Great to know I'm at the same level as a 42 year old. Thanks for arguing. This also being the guy making completely irrelevant remarks on a thread when specifically asked not to. Build a positive reputation before lecturing me and it may affect me.
  10. Ahm, herbrin3 i sold them to you :) thx, and herbrin3 has a point, if you dont want to buy them and think its a bad price, just dont post...
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  11. I agree mate, I shouldn't have posted. I apologize.
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  12. np mate
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  13. It's all good. Mistro, thanks for the picks. Seber, no hard feelings; I was too sharp-tongued; bad day. All good.
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  14. I love this community :D thanks! Sorry!