Cheap Diamonds!

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  1. Update: I have quit selling diamonds to other
    SMP's. I am going to stay local.
    SMP3 ONLY!!

    Cheap Diamonds?
    == YES! CHEAP AS DIRT! ==
    But odd, how?

    Its quite simple actually.
    You order a certain amount of diamonds
    Place a chest at your house
    they get delivered.
    But odd you could scam me!

    Well I COULD for a quick buck

    But then id get banned and ruin my reputation as a salesman.
    So how does it work odd?!
    Quite simple.
    The larger number of diamonds you order, The cheaper they go!
    Heres the prices!
    1 STACK: 35r per Diamond

    2 STACKS: 34r per Diamond
    3 STACKS: 33r per Diamond
    4 STACKS: 32r per Diamond
    5 STACKS: 31r per Diamond
    6 STACKS: 30r per Diamond
    7 STACKS: 29r per Diamond
    8 STACKS: 28r per Diamond
    9 STACKS: 27r per Diamond
    10 STACKS: 26r per Diamond
    11 STACKS: 25r per Diamond
    12 STACKS: 24r per Diamond
    13 STACKS: 23r per Diamond
    14 STACKS: 22r per Diamond

    15 STACKS: 21r per Diamond
    16 STACKS: 20r per Diamond
    1. Post with your res #
    2. How many Stacks
    3. I will message you


    I can only do so many jobs at a time.
    So I will eventually get to you, just dont expect
    your order to be accepted and taken

    Est delivery time can go either way;
    It can go earlyer then expected,
    or it can be later then expected.
    EST delivery time is NOT
    a set time, simply a

    I have the right to deny any buy at any time. If you have already paid you will get a full refund. If you are not fully satisfied with your order please contact me. Contacting me will not always result in a full refund, only a investigation regarding the buy will take place, and if the investigation regarding your buy is successful and we believe you need a refund we will give a full one as soon as possible. Any buy made with this service will only be 100% refundable after 3 days of the original purchase.
  2. res 1783

    25 stacks please
  3. Also I have a chest at 1783 that buys diamonds for 35r fill her up :)
  4. Ok.
    Ok. Put a chest up, itll be 20r per diamond.
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  5. fill the 35r chest, and ill be online later for the rest.,
  6. Itlle be done later tonight. Im just taking orders for now
  7. first come first served right? ill up my order to 50 stacks If you can fill it
  8. Ofcoarse! First come first serve. 50 stacks is fine, still at 20r
  9. Yer I got a chest at 1004 that needs to be filled (the one with my name and obsidian) order: 9 stacks
  10. I put up a chest at 18754 on smp9 buying Diamonds, feel free to sell some to me as well :) I'll take however many stacks you can possibly gather.
  11. 1998golfer
    16 stacks
    20r each
    I'll set up sell chest @ 8984 on smp4

    NOTICE: Changed order to 16 stacks
  12. Feel free to fill the diamond chests at 9000 as far as possible. you can sell for 40 or higher, so fill it up as you please.
  13. I would like to order 50 stacks of diamonds at 20r, please. My res (SMP3: 7026) will have access chests for dropping, and the final price should come to 64,000r. I understand that 3,200 diamonds take time, so I have no problem paying you in increments. I'm also good for the money, sitting at about 70k right now.
    Thanks in advance,
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  14. 20 stacks for me, please. PM me when they are ready and we'll arrange pickup.
  15. Order 56 stacks
    Res, 849 SMP1
  16. Can I order 150stacks?
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  17. O.O
  18. I'm going to order infinite stacks. All of the stacks!
  19. A d there we gotXandrow lol!
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  20. :confused:
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