Cheap Diamonds & Other Items!

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  1. Hello!My name is YourFearIsHere and I want to invite you in my shop!The number is #428 and I have the shop with FlevasGR & GoofyGoober135! I wait you! :)
  2. We have also special feaures :)
  3. Yes SMP1...sorry I forgot it :$
  4. 55r is not cheap
  5. its least he doesnt try to sell for 150r each diamond...i saw a shop like that on smp7 and it was just sad...
  6. 55 is pretty good compared to some shops selling over 100+
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  7. Thats a good price
  8. Eh today that is a decent price
  9. I miss when 45r was outrageously high for diamonds~
  10. it was like 20r when emc was 1.8.1
  11. The prices sholud go down after the reset