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  1. How do you chat its saying in the game exactly 'Cannot Sent Chat Message and i cant even do the first command by doing /town and cant ask anyone how to make it chat Please Help

    Its getting to the point where i just wanna delete mine craft its everywhere on every single server!
    I don't know if its me or the server but i cant even see anyone else chatting either I cant type in commands nothing AND I REALLY NEED HELP! please reply and no mean comments im new
  2. I thought it would be /c or /chat /comment but none of them work i would be very thankful for anyone's help
    Thanks Sign: Grawill
  3. Its /ch t For town chat.
    /ch l(local) for local chat.
    /rs For res chat.
  4. /rc for res chat xD
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  5. Are you still in the tutorial?
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  6. Chat Commands:
    If you're still in /tutorial (answering questions) finish and type /town you should be automatically be able to talk.
    If not, try /chat on, /ch t (Town Chat) /ch l (Local Chat - 100 Blocks) and /rc (Chat with people on your Residence)
    I don't know what to say if that doesn't work out for you.