chatting a chit?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by batmegh, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. who's got a skype?
    i'd like some people from emc to chit chat with who will actually talk! =] new friends are fun.

    ASK me for mine and i shall hand it riiiight over =]

    ready, set, go! :D
  2. I thought you were using 'chit' for a play on words for a second. :D

    I'm sure it wont be long before your Skype account spammed with the eager and sometimes creepy younger male population of EMC. Enjoy! :D
  3. hahahaha, true that.
  4. there, .... NOW they actually have to ask. so i can weed out the crazies =P
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  5. ill give you my skype after i got a new headset :)
  6. I won't be ablo do anything but type. No camera or mike =P nor can I hear other people.
  7. that doesn't seem to be a very useful Skype now does it :p
  8. For talking it does =P its better than aim!
  9. Hey, it's better than no Skype, which is what I have :p

    Also, are you referring to yourself as a chit, meghs?
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  10. No I just made chit chatting backwards =P
  11. I have aim too, but skype sort of runs better along side my minecraft. But I'm up for aim too :)
  12. I have Skype but I have never heard of Aim to be honest
  13. Skype is fine if you wanted to talk :)
  14. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was around a long time before Skype. I don't care for it myself. Of course, I also haven't used any messenger programs in almost a year. Talk about disconnected.
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  15. i got it add me up thomas.clementi2
  16. still no headset but will get it likely today:) so add me:zerothebest1 p.s. posting this from my mobile:)