Chat - whisper feature?

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  1. Hey all - I was just wondering if there's a whisper/PM system available for chat. Some conversations can be pretty spammy when you're trying to build stuff (consider price negotiation, or specific "help me I'm stuck in the ground" requests). While the server is still on the small side it's not a big deal. But as it grows the ability to use private chat can be helpful.

    So is this an option? Is it already implemented but I was too much of a tool to find it? :p
  2. /tell <player_name> <message>
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  3. So I was indeed too much of a tool to figure it out. :D Thanks dude. My last Miencraft server was no more than 20 total members, and half of them were my friends already, so it wasn't a big deal.
  4. Yeah you can whisper back and forth that way, although it kind of sucks having to type the name every time. I also noticed as we grow the chat is going to be a problem and there is a few solutions I have been experimenting with :)
  5. Is there any mod that would add the ability to use the up and down arrows to scroll through recently typed messages, similar to WoW or a command prompt?
  6. Yes, if you download SpoutCraft and use it instead of Minecraft (, you can copy and paste into chat and use up/down arrow keys linux style! It also provides several other features like a shit ton of video options.
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  7. Amazing, and it has server bookmarks!
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