Chat Rule: Asking Others To Leave

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  1. Asking other people to leave the server so that your friends can come in is rude and considered against the rules. Everyone wants to be here, which is why they joined, and they have every right to be here as your friend does. Those who ask this to people will receive a warning and may be punished up to a temp ban or full ban, depending on if it is continued. Please be respectful to everyone else as we work to make sure you're treated respectfully as well.
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  2. Will definitely crack down on this now that we have guidance.
  3. Yea I can't remember who off the top of my head but I saw this happening in smp2 today :(
  4. Will this include those that spam in caps in chat
  5. Yeah, and if ur on alot Become a supporter :D
  6. Of course Kalvin... That is one of the ways they are asking others to leave.... That is also spamming caps and being rude.
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  7. good, it is infuriating to see it and then to see people believe then and do it.....