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  1. Hey EMC!

    i came to the idea to create a ''Chat box''


    You can communicate through this thread! if you wanna know people from other SMP's or just contact each other, be here! I made this because you can't add more as 11 people in a chat! This is the EMC chatbox!


    1. No disrespected comments
    2. No swearing
    3. No rasism
    4. No ban appeals
    5. Be nice
    6. Have fun!

  2. So hows everyone doing :)!
  3. Didn't you leave? Haha, of course, you are welcome back. :)
  4. مرحبا! نحن بحاجة لجعل مربع الدردشة على الإنترنت تتابع الدردشة نوع من الشيء. بعد الظهر في هذه اللغة على هذا الموضوع إذا كنت معرفة ما هو هذا اللغة
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