Chat Being All Weird ?!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AshtrayRock, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. So I was on smp2 just doing my thing in the waste when this came up..

    So then it just started going on you know, people talking more of the getting married notifications. So I just said, "Hi" nothing happened so I went to town still it was still going on so eventually I lagged out then it just all stopped.
    Anyone experience this before? Some kind of bug or something?
  2. Was you on another server before joining that EMC session?
  3. Aikar got bored maybe? Could be some empire 'banter' as they say.
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  4. This is quite strange, not sure how to explain that :confused:
    Though I do highly doubt that it would be this :p
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  5. I have been on some. I was thinking that was just what had happened to.
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  6. Neither of those players have ever logged onto EMC. You must have been on another server before this. The chat bugs out like that sometimes. I have seen it continue giving me chat notifications from a private world edit server when I was on EMC.
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  7. That is what is was. I logged on another server I had and saw the exact same style of chat. Thanks!
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