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  1. I need to earn some rupees for the construction of my 3rd mall, and I've decided to start a celebration business in my new residence [4444,smp2]

    2013-04-27_15.09.39.png 2013-04-27_15.49.00.png 2013-04-27_15.49.02.png 2013-04-27_16.25.32.png

    The cost is 100 rupees per hour, it does not matter how many players are there.
    It's quite cheap and affordable, and I can lower the price if you don't have enough.

    So, if you have anything to celebrate, or you just want to have a good time, come to 4444 and do a huge party! :)


    -Services offered at the time:

    Redstone machinery including lights and pistons.

    Decoration consisting in paintings, wool, frames, flowers and furnaces.

    Dispensers used for giveaways

    Craftin' and tradin'

    Empire Fireworks

    'Tagged' game

    Dance Contest

    Spleef Arena

    Music (Strad, blocks, cat, mall)



    Security drones made of pumpkins and pistons

    Cake and mushroom stew

    In-game auctions

    -Giveaways (Drop parties):

    You can celebrate a giveaway apart from the party. You can bring whatever you want to giveaway and I'll set up a chest for you, or you can give me the rupees and I'll buy it and set up a chest for you.

    More services are going to be offered soon, as the residence gets a bit more elegant :D
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  3. Would you like to partener with the smp9 auctionhouse, on 18985? we can use my party room.
  4. Sure!