Charity Livestream at 3!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by jtc0999, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Yep, I'll be doing a charity livestream at 3:20pm central today! I'll be playing "Vanish" and "Dead Space"!
    Come to have fun, laugh, cry, and most importantly, Donate to charity!

    Livestream will be here:
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  2. How long is that from now?
    If it isn't past midnight, I'll be sure to watch :p
  3. In about 30 minutes :D
  4. I'll be there!
    If I remember that is, ha ha ^-^'
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  5. 15 minutes!
    Be there or square! xD
    I'll also be singing at the end :)
  6. How long is the stream going on for?
  7. A few hours, at the most.
    You do not need to stay for the entire thing :p
  8. I have no one yet lol xD
    I'll start once i get a few people
  9. Come on guys, one person? :(
    It's for Charity!

    Ok, how about if it is moved to 3:20?
  10. I'm watching but Im having trouble logging in...
    Probably just this computer, laggy as hell
  11. You do not need to be logged in to watch :)
    The only reason you need to log in is so you can chat and follow me, but please feel free to log in :D
  12. I wants to talk to you :(
    Temporary error apparently
  13. Try closing the page and repoening it
  14. I usually watch games I want/have if you played tf2 or borderlands 2 I would definitely watch (and also bug you to let me play with you :p)
  15. Done several times, I'm gonna give up since Im sick of refreshing the page and being spammed with COD:Ghosts adverts
  16. have you tried getting out of the stream and logging in? sometimes it wont let you while you watching something
  17. It's a charity livestream, so you should come just to donate to charity if you don't watch.
    But please, spread the word if you don't watch. Tell yo peeps about it.

  18. get adblock :p
  19. I'm trying, Im trying to talk but I cant </3
  20. I dont have any money and i dont like turning off adblock how would my participation raise any money for charity?