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  1. Hey all, if you remember I created a Christmas Story in 2015, so I will be creating another one for Valentines Day because of two reasons. :)
    1. The forums get really boring when you constantly see auction threads in the Recently Active Threads tab. You guys need something entertaining/interesting. ;)
    2. Most of the comments last time were positive, I will be fixing some of my big mistakes this time.

    Here is an intro to the new expanded twist off of the last story.
    Here is how the characters work.

    GUARNATEED(you will be in the story, if you are chosen.)
    1 Female Character
    2 Male Charcters
    UNDECIDED(you might be in the story, if I need more side/main characters)
    15-25 Characters
    If you are chosen, you will be featured in pictures that come along with the story.

    [ArkWarrior1, nfell2009, FoxyRavenger, and OLDMANWILLIKERS3 cant enter because they were in the last story. Sorry!]
    How to enter:
    Post what you want the next main character to have. (some superpower, ie: invisibility)
    By the way, this superpower will be in the next "holiday chapter" Have Fun Brainstorming! :D
    Character Entry Ends- January 24, 2016.
  2. I would like either the power of in-flight flight (the ability to fly, but only when in an airplane or helicopter already), or one inch teleportation.