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  1. Hello guys :)
    Here is my youtube channel! I have decided to start pumping out 2-4 videos a week!
    I am beginning and run the bare minimum.
    I use a buillt in mic and edit with iMovie.
    I have some issues with screenium when I play tf2. It plays at 30fps but the recording is 3-15?
    If you know how to fix that that is cool :)
    Now here it is boys and girls:
    Tell all your friends!
  2. My ender farm is bigger!
    nah, nice video :) liked it
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  3. you free to do a lets play or something together soon?
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  4. I could join in too. With my channel.
  5. Sweet. Ill pm you too tomorrow?
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  6. If you want. lol. I have a terrible mic though.
  7. If you're worried about framerate, record with something that doesn't create compressed files. The act of recording and converting simultaneously is pretty taxing on non-hyper threaded computers.

    I'm pretty sure dxtory and fraps are good in that department.
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  8. Can you get fraps on a "status symbol"?
  9. I'm pretty sure there are programs for Macs Unix that allow you to run programs for Windows.
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  10. Yea
    I have it set so it leaves the files as is
  11. So I was thinking I might go around some resses...
    Anyone here now some amazing ones?
  12. try places like district 18 and 67, i just managed to find a nice area yesterday, but them places are packed with good stuff
  13. Funny Cause I already subbed
    EDIT: Love the Kiwi Accent!
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  14. <3
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  15. Oh lookie! I just noticed sum of my buildings are displayed on Jimbo's channel background.
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  16. YAY!
  17. Me like
  18. Me like liek