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  1. **This is not an important topic, so you may click away**

    So I really want to change my username to Pastelle, but I'm afraid that will confuse people I know, so I'm not sure what to do. Don't get me wrong, Frostbrewed, and the nickname Frost, are both really close to me now, but I really like the username Pastelle. :x

    I just need advice. :/

  2. FrostPastelle

    Maybe :/
  3. when i changed my username i just added "Formerly gamerlord48" to my forum sig and profile. helped keep people less confused. plus you can always change it back if it causes confusion. i did :)
  4. I don't love it, but that is only because I have a friend whose username is Pastel_. I actually like the name, but confusion would start on my end so my selfish reasons :p I do like frost in general, maybe try to do something with that.
  5. Really just really shy

    You change your name to whatever you want and if people dont know who you are you just tell them you use to be ... even say in your signature or something but at the end of the day its up to you to decide if you want to change your name but be careful has some one could steal that name right now :p
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  6. So, I did a little thinking, and I came up with
    - (color)Frosting
    - FrostedOver
    - FrozenMoon ( It's from my friend's home-made Anime )
    - IceHeart
    - FrostedCrystals

    Sorry my imagination doesn't go too far with the word 'Frost'
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  7. well if you really like both pastelle and frost, why not Frosted_Pastelle or some variant?
  8. The problem is, I have a friend with a username like that, not exact, but close, and I also don't care for the sound of it.
  9. FrostedOver actually sounded cool to me :)
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