Changing servers

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  1. I really wanted to build and play with my brother in the same server but i don't want him just visiting since we are in distant servers. Is there a way that me or him can transfer our stuff and our plot to be a resident of a different server.
  2. Yes if you ask a senior staff member (light green name) they will be able toovr your entire res to the other server. The catch is that you have to pay 150,000R
  3. what if your new it should be free D:
  4. I recommend taking ur stuff putting in your vault then keeping it at your brothers res while you unclaim and claim on the server he resides on. If you want I can help you ;)
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  5. K thanks im in smp7
  6. whats your minecraft name?
  7. The same as the name of this profile XD what smp do you want to be on?
  8. Sorry about ignoring your newest post I moved to smp6 with my brother since there is pvp in that one.