Changes in item prices.

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  1. Hey fellow Empire Minecrafters!!! i was just wondering what items will either be cheaper or cost more due to rarity and such, after the 1.3 patch. So, what items do you think will become cheaper or more expensive? please leave a comment below:
  2. Anybody have any ideas?? for example, i think cocoa beans will be alot cheaper than they are, since u can now plant them and farm them
  3. Enchantmens will become cheaper :)
  4. Supply will become much bigger as demand stays the same or doesn't vary a lot. So yes items will be much cheaper in 1.3
  5. i dont get it?
  6. If an item is in high demand but low supply people can charge more for it because there not enough to go around. If an item is in high supply but low demand then people will not charge very much as everyone has them. Hope that helps.
  7. But how does 1.3 create a larger supply?
  8. Nether wart can be grown in the over world in 1.3 so people will have farms on there res's therefor making it so that it is pretty much dirt cheap. Cocoa beans will also drop in price as you can easily grow them in 1.3. Enchants will also go for nothing like they do now because it will take less than 1/5 of the xp to get the same enchants.
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  9. Oh. I get it now. I thought you meant for many other things as well.
  10. I dont mind that things are getting cheaper I just want to write some books...
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  11. lol, i get it now, thx :) so what items will go cheaper and what items will go expensiver do you reckon?
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  12. I think paper, books, leather, sugarcane, coco beans, feathers, ink sacks, netherwart, and enchanted tools will have to be changed in order for the economy to survive.
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  13. You can't really *accurately* predict the economy. Anything's possible but 1.3 will change enchantment prices.
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  14. Well it is very possible that bookselling businesses may arise. I know I'll be starting one.
  15. cheaper iron from iron farms
  16. Enchantment prices will fall, but with this, demand will increase, as it will hopefully become viable for more people to actually use enchantments in their everyday minecraft "lives". Therefore, I reckon the enchantment "industry" will stay a relatively profitable business.
  17. i think books will be a little bit more expensive
  18. I am surprised Emerald haven't been brought up yet- No matter how easy/ hard emeralds will be to get. There will be a very high demand for them- I would anticipate
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