changeing the main shop?

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  1. i know that we can only by from the shop currently has there been any discusion about being able to sell to the main shop or was it not support do to an issue with people selling large amounts of items to the shop at once is there away that it can be change for the semi hard to get items such as string and metals (to include all craftable items armor wepons and so forth).
  2. We do not have this feature to keep the economy balanced. One of the cornerstones of EMC is our wonderfully balanced economy. When you allow people to supply without demand (selling items that people are not buying) it hurts the economy. This is also the reason the Empire Shop has such high prices. Hope that helps :)
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  3. why not make it supply and demand. example would be that that only a certian amount can be bought of each item say per week after that the supply is there only when other players sell the item back to the shop. it might keep the main shop stocked as well as turn a little profit to the players who are not supporters or who do not generate a large amount of income thru other means. this might make the newer players be able to get better equitment faster for more time out in the wilderness. There might also be a need to lower the sell price as well as the buy price.

    reson i ask is because i have found that many of the players can't keep there stores supplied inless there attempting to farm that spacific item. take me for example i have 2 res turne into farms currently for just wheat and have 1 doubble chest full of wheat but no buyers at the moment. i can understand if there would be a need to limit how many items can be sold back to the main shop at a time

    hopefully i did not confuse you and me with this reply. also i could be thinking to deep on this. lol
  4. I agree, players do have a hard time keeping their shops stocked. This is usually because they try to make a mega shop with every single item, it is better to focus on a few things :)
  5. Try mining. Everyone want diamond :)
  6. diamond is hard to find but it is sold resonable unfortunetly not alot of us have found diamonds yet i know i have not and i have been out a ways still no such luck
  7. no way your mining enough then.