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  1. I recently heard about taking a bed out with you in the wild would create a new spawn point when you slept in it. Well, I went out in the wild on smp6 used the bed, but my compass still points to the
    wild spawn not the bed. Any ideas? I'm afraid to venture to far out in the wild in fear if I die I'll never
    be able to get to my items before they disappear.
  2. Your compass isnt supposed to lead to your bed. It just spawns you at the bed when you die.
  3. If you're really worried about losing your items if you die, just keep most of them in a locked chest. Also, as a Diamond supporter, you can mine Utopia where it's never night and you'll never die from falling or hunger (unless your fall happens to drop you into lava--and you still need to eat to heal from any damage you might take from mobs). If you sleep in a bed, you will spawn there, but I've spawned on the surface (or in surface water) at what I assume is directly above the bed.
  4. The one time I went out into the wild on a long journey I slept in a bed, but died a few minutes later. It spawned me back at the wilderness spawn even though I hadn't moved my bed.
  5. The timer for losing your items only ticks down if the chunk they're in is loaded. Unless there are other people in the vicinity of where you died, they will still be there until 5 minutes after the chunk is loaded again. I've had this happen to me a couple of times, and it took me an hour to get back and my items were there.
  6. Good to know thanks all. As far as the utopia server, there is a bit of a more realistic challenge mining on a smp though. Really can't wait for the Hardcore server. That sound great!!!
  7. You must be able to jump on your bed and not hit your head or you want spawn there.