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What type of challenge should I do next?

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Creative Build 1 vote(s) 9.1%
Survival Challenge 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Survival Challenge With Mods 2 vote(s) 18.2%
Creative Build with Mods 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. This is a survival challenge that I have decided to do. I plan on doing these regularly but as they are not contests or events then there will be no rewards for doing it. So here is the first challenge of nuclear survival :).

    First, a bit of explanation as to the nature and purpose of the changes. Since... what, was it 1.6 or something when posted this? Well, whenever I posted this, Minecraft was a different animal at the time. Since then breeding, hunger, experience, and a ton of underground goodies have been added. I believe the incredible changes (especially hunger) warrant more preparation time and such. If you feel this makes the challenge too easy, by all means tailor the rules to your style. It's your game after all...

    Before you begin: The survivor, being as savvy as he/she is, had an edge that the other, less intelligent people lacked. Before the bomb went off (Read: Before the challenge starts) you built a saferoom. The room covered your spawn point/a bed (So the challenge doesn't end upon your likely death(s)), a secure way of getting underground, and contained a chest with the following:

    All of these things: 10 wheat seeds, 5 bread, 16 torches, 1 stone pickaxe, 4 pumpkin seeds.

    Two of the Following: 1 Melon Seed, 16 chicken eggs, 2 buckets of water, 1 cocoa bean and jungle sapling, 16 coal/charcoal.

    These can be gathered over time before starting the challenge, or using the new in-game commands, you can use creative mode to create your saferoom. Of course, creative mode is otherwise off-limits.

    Due to the damaging effects of a nuclear blast, the sun is especially dangerous now. Unfortunately, survivor, this means you cannot, under any circumstances, head outside unprotected during the day. Stay sheltered, and survive. If you have to, you can scavenge after sunset, but it is advised that the survivor stay in his shelter when possible.

    Also note that, should you have the resources to do so any suit of armor will reasonably protect you from radiation, assuming that it is kept in good repair (Above orange). It is then possible for the survivor to make surface excursions during the day. This armor cannot be allowed back into the compound, however, and must be left in the airlock when you return.

    RULE 2:
    It is very dangerous to touch things outside of your shelter. The fallout can and will contaminate everything directly exposed to the weather, so any mobs that are outside are off limits, including their drops, and even at night. You cannot use or (especially) consume anything that comes from a contaminated source. With this in mind, you still have several options.

    Firstly, assuming your preparations were inadequate, you can use breeding/harvesting of exposed food sources to introduce clean animals and plants to your shelter. By breeding/harvesting 3 generations of a given animal or plant, the results should be usable to the survivor. Of course, the parents and their products must be disposed of. During the process, the animals/plants should be quarantined in a decontamination room, separated from the rest of the compound by an airlock and 3-thick walls.

    Second, you can create a decontamination machine (Intended to be endgame...) The construction must include: a chest (for contaminated items) in a 3x3x3 room, with water covering it. The walls must be made of stone brick, and the machine must be connected by a lever to at least 4 pistons on a repeating clock, to make it more machine-y. After a player-determined length of time, items left in the decontaminator are safe for use.

    RULE 3:
    Getting fresh water is somewhat difficult in the radioactive world you are now in. Any outside sources are contaminated with fallout, and cannot be used for anything inside your shelter. To get safe water, it is advised that the survivor search caves or find hidden underground lakes. Both are reasonably common, but can be challenging to obtain at first. One of your first priorities will be creating a source of clean water, so be on the lookout.

    RULE 4:
    Your shelter: There are several guidelines to creating a safe environment in this wasteland. In addition to the thick outer walls (3 blocks, to be exact), other precautions must be put in place. Any entrances from outside must be separated from the rest of the compound by an airlock (a small room with a door on each end). The airlock must contain a running source of clean water to clean any items that went outside with you and deposit them safely in a different room inside the compound.
    (That is only for bringing items in, however. Any airlock is fine without the water, your items just have to be left outside)
    . This must be done before any outside materials can be brought into your shelter (Outdoor mobs and their drops are still off limits). Any armor that has been outside must be left in a chest inside the airlock.

    For security reasons, All rooms should have doors at all entrances and exits, and large rooms (Aside from the farms) are discouraged. In order to have an adequate shelter, the following rooms are priorities: Farms (for wood and food), A bedroom, storage facilities, etc. Once the essentials have been secured, the survivor should have at least one of each of the following:

    -A morale boosting room, such as a library, chapel, garden, etc.

    -A defense oriented room, such as an armory, target range, etc.

    -A portal room (for accessing the nether)

    To Finish The Challenge: Assuming the survivor wants to return to surface dwelling after creating the ultimate underground utopia, he has several available routes to follow.

    -Waiting it out: After 180 minecraft days, the survivor may safely return to the surface (Good luck keeping track...). Otherwise, a stasis chamber, built in the nether or separated from the shelter by at least 64 blocks, and connected by an emergency minecart rail can be constructed. The chamber need only be one room, stocked with enough supplies to start a new shelter if needed and equipped with whatever your imagination dictates is necessary to preserve you in the worst case scenario. The pod in which you wait must be built of something at least as strong as iron blocks. When you come out of stasis, you've won.

    -Escape: Possibly the easiest, but probably the most boring route, you can simply tunnel an escape route away from the blast zone. Feel free to set your own distance requirement, but the standard is set at 256 blocks from your shelter. The tunnel must be 3 blocks wide, and 3 blocks high, and well-lit for its entire length. When you emerge on the other end, you've won.

    -Drop the Science: Create a cure. If you are able to brew 5 potion of regeneration II, you can make yourself hardy enough to adapt to the new conditions.

    *All credit goes to Dwarfdude1964. I plan on doing my own in the future but I wanted to use a trustworthy one to start :)
  2. sounds fun. maybe add an example of what the starting base can look like (minimalist and most advanced to start)?
  3. 10x10 cube room made of unmineable iron blocks (minimalistic)
    20x20 "" advanced

    Is this what you mean?
  4. Maybe make a good map for it and put it up to adfly :p Free money XD
  5. This sounds pretty fun. I might just give a go.
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  7. I like it.
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  8. If any of you decide to do this keep us informed of your progress :D!
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