[CHALLENGE] can YOU notice it?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TheTrufflehunter, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. first to notice the cool thing in this picture gets a prize:

    S_R_L_B has won!
  2. You got 21k!
  3. Your 444 in life texp?
  4. You're using Safari?
  5. Um, airport is off, yet you are on empire.us?
  6. Where it says "yesterday at 3:42 PM"?
  7. correct! tht was fast....
  8. You took the pic on the 9th and posted it in the 10th?
  9. Bummer bro./Thats what she said. Hehehehehehehehe
  10. I may be missing something, but I don't understand the significance of this. :p

    If you edit your screenshot to black out your mums name, I will remove the relevant posts. :)
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  11. When do I get my prize? :L
  12. and here we go again.... can i just delete the pic? im on a mac, and no photo editors work which are free..
  13. i dont see why not just edit your OP. its irrelevant now that it has been won.
  14. I already memorized and put down the name xD
  15. Thats not creepy at all...
  16. Nope not at all :p
  17. Try GIMP, is free, does everything photoshop does and work on OSX
  18. Tomorrow. Ill make an announcement on his thread for the pickup.

  19. I think i found him.