[CC] Official Cookie Clicker iOS Thread

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  1. Yep. That same game that stole our lives back in September of 2013? It's back to haunt us in the iOS store! You can get it for any iOS device now! If you're reading this and you have an Apple device, I'm sorry to say you will not have a life for a while.

    Discuss below :3
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  2. This game, I use to be have a life until this game came around. Once I started I was like, "Oh this is dumb" Ohhh... But I was wrong, My life has been swallowed up by this game, I'm sure I've lost many friends due to this game, This game is made from pure evil, nothing else but pure evil. I warn you now.
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  3. Woah, where is the link to the Official iOS game?
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  4. Why did you have to tell us about this haro, why... ;-;

    *begins downloading*
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  5. I know. There is no official IOS game. Atleast they didn't charge for it.
  6. Cookie clicker mobile has helped me in many ways. I've lost friends, lost Iq, and many hours of doing useful things in my life, but instead staring at a giant cookie. My thumbs have grown stronger thanks to cookie clicker's tapping!

    Thanks cookie clicker! :)

    (Help me, i can't stop. I have no life. Help meeeeeeeee...)

    Cookie clicker is the best game ever invented, and you'll find TONS of things to be intertained with! Get it for free now!

    (Lies! You'll have no life ever again! Run. Run, and never look back!)

    And, once installed, Cookie Clicker can never be uninstalled, so you can have maximum fun!

    (Destroy your iphone! Make sure that game is GONE from all iphone devices!)

    Oh! And if you try to escape, you will surely die!

    (Wait, what? HELP M-)

    Download Cookie Clicker today, OR DIE

    Have a nice day :)
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  7. There is none. But the game mechanics and everything are exactly the same, the only thing that changed was the 'buildings' you can buy, which are cooler in iOS tbh :p