cave with identicle, symetrical rooms

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  1. so i was exploring this big cave system when i noticed a room naturally built. The room was perfectly symetrical, like hard to explain. Its as if it was built by a player but there is no chance that i could have been. Yes very cool is what i thought anyway. So i kept searching and theres another one! perfectly identicle to the one i found before it! I bet if i kept looking id find more! how trippy is that...
  2. Like a circle?
  3. na, i got screenshots, but dont know where they saved to my pc.
  4. Yeah they added naturally occurring rooms like this a while ago. It took me by surprise the first time I saw them.
  5. wow so its meant to be like this?
  6. Well I'm only assuming the kind of room you're talking about, but yes. Could you add some screenshots?
  7. Aren't screen shots on Windows laptops located in, like, .minecraft/screenshots?
  8. Go to Imgur and add pics from this file %appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots
    use the drag and drop function.
  9. Yup.

    Also, because I'm chronically pedantic, it doesn't matter that it's a laptop. You would just say "on Windows" or "on a Windows machine".
  10. just do %appdata% in ur sarch bar if ur on windows and if on mac, finder then click go in the to menu thn go to folder then type this in :/users/[what ur name is for the mac]/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  11. or go to mine craft do options, copy the /users/ and all that then paste it in the option above
  12. I don't know if you have used any mods before in minecraft but make sure you can view hidden files- google is your friend
  13. yeah i can view hidden files and yeah i got mods and all that. Ill try put the pics up now
  14. notice the wall and roof structure's are identicle
  15. Wow that is crazy- be conveniant if it was coincidentally ina slime chunk :D
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  17. This is cool