Cave spider spawner-smp1 location for sale

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  1. I am selling the co-ordinate location of a cave spider spawner located in the wilderness of smp 1

    I have made a basic grinder around this trap which simply leads the spiders to an easy killing point.
    this trap does not affect the price and can be removed if you want to make your own trap (may I suggest this one

    The information will include the corodinates of the spawner itself aswell as the co-ordinates of an easy access staircase. this info will be sent via a conversation upon receieing payment.

    should the spawner not be the upon arrival and prove can be shown i will offer a full refund.

    i also promise not to return to the site so you can be left to do as you want.

    Cost: now 3000r

  2. 0_0 Tthat's still alot for a diamond supporter. And they get alot of rupees out of daily bonus! Plus, couldn't somebody just go into the trap and farm XP, and when they see a name tag, they just run out of there?
  3. ANYONE can find a spider spawner. and make it into a basic grinder.
  4. it's location is well hidden and a good place to farm xp. just look at my texp as an example .

    if you feel the price is to much i will be happy to discuss the price
  5. i agree that spawners may be easy to find however this save the trouble of going out to find one.
  6. Due to lack of interest the price has now been lowered to 3000r

  7. Gonna close this thread do to lack of interest. Pm me if you wish to purchase still