Cats vs. Dogs! >:3

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Which is better? Answer this, then post why on this thread.

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Cats! 10 vote(s) 35.7%
Dogs! 18 vote(s) 64.3%
  1. Post here and explain why which is better. I own a female dog (shown in my avatar).
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  2. Cats. Cats are easier to clean up after (For the most part) and they aren't as loud and obnoxious.
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  3. Cats are the best. There not so noisy and really not that difficult to care for. Also cats are cute and cuddly while dogs are messy and slobbery.
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  4. I own and care for an Alaskan Husky (male) and a pure-bred Ragdoll cat (female). While I love them both, at the end of the day...have you even seen the "Internet"? :cool:

    LOL-Cats, EVERYWHERE. / end quote
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  5. I respect both, but I definitely prefer dogs. At least, generally speaking. I've always been fortunate to live in the country with a huge yard so there's no clean-up after letting the pooches out to do their business. The cat litter box is something I could never get used to.

    Plus, when you're feeling happy your dog is also happy! And when you're feeling down, your dog is happy to be there and make you feel better. A cat's affection is conditional.

  6. Cats are an easy and amazing pet for any owner. They are self sufficient and clean while dogs can be a handfull and obnoxious. Additionaly, cats are beautiful and intelligent.
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  7. Dogs are 100% superior. They will always be by your side, love to play/run/hunt, and are trainable. Unlike cats who take your food and water, and leave you be. :p
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  8. You know what else is quiet and easy to take care of? Golden fish and turtles. Not very exciting huh?

    Dogs do demand a lot of attention (especially big ones) but it all pays off when they grow up. Puppies are always fun and games, but the best part about dogs is seeing them grow and getting to know them.

    I have two labradors (brothers) and it always surprises me how two dogs that are so simmilar and were raised the same way can be so different. One is all quiet and introvert while also being very playful and the other is extrovert and demands your attention all the time. Sometimes they're fighting, sometimes they're friends, you never know.
    It's also amazing how well they behave outside: they walk side by side with me, wait when I tell them to, don't drag me around, don't jump or bark at people, dogs and cats and anyone can play with them. That didn't happen from one day to another. Its was the result of years of discipline, care and training, and it was worth it.

    Is it easier to take care of a cat? Sure. Will you have as much fun? Absolutely not.
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  9. Dogs are better than cats as they are loyal and trainable. A dog will stay by your side and love you whilst a cat runs off in the day and only comes back at night. Cats bring you regular 'presents' of dead animals, which is rather unpleasant, whereas dogs don't. Dogs love you back and love your company, but cats prefer solitude and don't love you. Dogs come in a variety of sizes, colours, furs, shapes and purposes. With cats you get a small choice of height and colour.
    But I guess cats are good at anti-vermin, they just give the vermin to you. Lovely half-eaten mice in house house, who doesn't want that?

    I have a female labradoodle called Poppy. She is the fluffiest, cuddliest, most placid, funny dog ever. She acts as a guard dog, barking at trespassers, but when they come in, she'll give them one of her soft toys as a present. She's has never bitten anyone or attempted to harm. The most aggressive thing she does is paw you when she wants cuddles. She'll dump her head on your lamp, when fall over onto her back for tickles. She rolls around like a lunatic after you have tickled her, adding to her quirky personality. On walks she is obedient and goes of chasing after rabbits. She never catches them though, she can't see very well. She gazelle jumps over bushes, I'll try and get a photo of this for you all. Could a cat gazelle jump over a bush multiple times in a row? Could a cat match a dog's personality?
    No. Cats just want food from you. Cats like to be alone. Cats don't like you.
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  10. Now this is a thread I can participate in!

    Why would you choose cats over dogs?
    I've never come home or into a house, and seen a cat happy to see me. But you walk into a house with a dog and there they are, jumping up at you and telling you how much they care. I don't have anything against cats, but I would never own one myself. You never really own a cat, do you? They wander around, and sometimes get owned by other people at the same time if you don't put a collar on them (and even then they might be fed by other people). Dogs will know where their home is and return to it. I remember when my dog ran after a cat (sorry cat lovers), but we kept walking. When we went back to see where he was, he was sat at the top of the hill where he last saw us, waiting for us to come back and fetch him. A cat would leave and wander off without a second thought.
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  11. why not both?
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  12. I like both :) Neither has to be or ever really will be an "outright winner".
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  13. Woof
    I love my Australian Cattle Doggie :3
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  14. This post is based entirely off of stereotype and is for the most part wrong. The majority of cats that I've seen absolutely loved human company and enjoyed playing. They would never bring presents into the house, and they were, in fact, trainable. I've owned 3 cats before, none of which have ever brought things in the house or left half eaten food on the floor.
    And anyway, there are tons of cats to choose from of all different breeds. It's not just a "small choice by height and color."
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  15. No, I didn't base that off of a stereotype. I based off of my experience with cats. I have been informed by friends and family that is how their cat behaves. But still, yes there are cats that do not conform, but are not nearly as trainable, loving and domesticated as dogs.
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  16. Actually, historically, cats domesticated themselves.
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  17. I've owned both, and both are great companions but dogs are better for me as a person than a cat. I like the hyper, neediness of a dog compared to a cat who doesn't need my attention as much and plays when they want to play. I've seen a cat play with a ribbon for one swipe and just walk away. Cats are also natural tricksters, either knocking stuff off of edges or simply scaring another animal
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