CATS = free rupees!

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  1. ok so i have made a thread similar but i still have rupees so i thought putting free rupees would help

    Since I try staying at 0 rupees I will give away my 1300 rupees to the first person that says CATS when I go onto a server, I will only be able to do this once a day and I will go on random servers. I haven't gone on yet today so if u see me just be the first person to say CATS.

    people who have gotten the rupees so far
    1. CambriaKiligannon, smp 7
    2. IPwnCreeps, smp 1
    3. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx, smp 7
    4. Manglex, smp 8
    5. herbrin3, smp 9
    6. Equinox_boss, smp 5
    7. chickeneer, smp4
  2. since i didnt give any away yesterday 2 people will get 1300 rupees, they will be on different servers
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  3. Yes, I got the rupees, ONCE. :)
  4. u can still win, its not a 1 time thing
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  5. Oh, wonderful. :)
  6. going to get on in about 30 mins
  7. I'll be waiting....

  8. SMP9.

    Thanks, MN :)

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    Completely bonkers. I love it.

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  9. i dont think it works like that.......
  10. To get it u have to be the first one to say it too him when he logs onto a server.
  11. :confused:
  12. Hey peoples
  13. :p love the /p command.
  14. Brother Nolan. I feel so much pride when I see you walking so strongly in the teachings of The Cake.

    see you tomorrow!
  15. thank u sister melody, also u shame the grey text gods

    see u tomorrow, but i have work till about 6 or so
  16. If you get on right now I'll lick you