Cat's Chicken, Cake, Cookie, & Birthday Party!

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Should there be more animals?

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  1. "What the heck is this?" You may be wondering. Well, I found out about chicken bombs, so I wanted to drop one in a party. Since the party will be on the 24th, I decided to add in cakes everywhere and a 2-layer big cake made out of wool with purple heads on top to sort of look like sprinkles or something. I also love making cookies, both in real life and in Minecraft, so I'll make it rain cookies. I've started to work hard on collecting everything I need, if you would like to donate some useful things for the party, there are instructions for that below.

    This party will be, as said above, on the 24th. I do not have an exact time, and I may not be able to even have it on the 24th and may have to move this party to the 25th. I will be getting on in the morning and starting when I can, but, I'm getting my other account which may become my main account as a B-day present from my parents so I may get it later. I am in the Pacific timezone, and I'm thinking that I would start the party at maybe 7:00 pm in my time. But, I can never be too sure. I don't know how long I'll take setting everything up and I don't know when I'll
    be getting the res I'll host the party in. I have decided that this party will be on the 24th at 4:00 pm Pacific. (5:00 pm Mountain, 6:00 pm Central, 7:00 pm Eastern) Luckily, I can get my account earlier. The "Where?" section will soon have a location. However, if not enough people show up which I've been worrying about, then I'll have to reschedule.

    The party will be on smp6. The location has been planned out. I will announce the res number once a little issue has been fixed. My res is 13840, but this will not be the actual res for the party. I will not say why I'm not telling everyone, I know what would happen...

    What You Should Bring
    -A sword (Iron or diamond is recommended. If you need a sword, I can give you an iron one. Please note that your username will be written down so you cannot receive multiple swords, and please do not ask for a sword if you already have one.)
    -Firework(s) (I won't be handing them out.)
    -An item that you have/can make a lot of (Do not include common items such as: dirt, cobblestone, stone, gravel, etc. If you want to bring an item but are unsure if I'd allow it, you may ask in the comments below)
    And also, make sure your inventory has some space for drops and/or other peoples' drops.

    Now don't ask these questions, I'm putting some below for instant answers if you have one of these questions. Your welcome. c:
    Q: How old will you be on the 24th? A: 13, yes, I'm not 16 for all you Mumble people who don't know already. :3
    Q: Will there be other animals there? A: Yes, but the other animal will be rabbits. Nothing else.
    Q: Will people be able to kill these animals? A: Of course, bring a sword if you'd like. Since this will be a new res with 0 animals until the party starts, everyone will get the kill flag.
    Q: Why haven't I ever heard of you? A: Well, I joined this server on the 8th of this month, July, so I'm not very well known and slightly considered a newb. I don't mind, I do think I am, but I have accomplished much for the time I've been on this server.
    Q: I don't have any swords! What do I do? A: If you are a person who is even newer to this server without any good swords (using wooden and/or stone) then I can give you a free iron sword. You only get one. I'd call this a low budget party, but it is going to be pretty nice and without a single rupee spent.
    Q: Will there be drops? A: I am planning on possibly putting in drops. If you would like to donate things to be dropped at the party, read the donations section.
    Q: Will there be fireworks? A: (I recommend that everyone reads this!) Yes, of course, if anyone has some/a firework, go ahead and bring it! Setting off a ton of fireworks is what I want. Do not complain about how you're lagging if you do go to the party. No one wants someone sitting there and complaining. If your computer can't handle some fireworks, then you can either stay at the party and not complain or leave. I recommend getting a program to help you handle the lag. If you would like to know of some, you may message me asking what they are. (Sorry if you thought that was a little rude!)

    In-Game Donations
    I do appreciate rupee donations, but remember, this party is using many items and blocks I have and can gather easily myself so I don't need to buy them. I spent a bit on music discs for the party. I probably will not be able to make music using noteblocks unless I took a while to make that, multiple days, so music discs will be used instead. I do recommend pulling up a beat and muting the music!
    You can donate through sending me mail or simply going to my res and dropping donations into my party donations hopper. Sending items in the mail costs 50 rupees while you can go to my res for free, although you may have to use your vault and spend 10 rupees if your vault isn't maxed out.
    I do not desperately need any of these items, so you don't have to donate that much. Like I said, I can collect these items myself, but donating will make this all much easier.
    What I'd need for the party...
    -Wool (Colors: Red, orange, yellow, lime, cyan, blue, purple, magenta, pink)
    -Chicken spawn eggs (I have no use for regular eggs at the party, but I could go to my chicken pen, hatch the eggs, then eggify them into spawn eggs)
    -Dark oak fence
    -Purple and/or violet heads
    -Iron (For the swords)
    -Rabbit spawn eggs
    -Glowstone (Dust, blocks, and/or lamps)
    That list is a bunch of things that I can and am getting myself for the party. The more the better. I'll need a minimum of 36 different kinda of fireworks, if I achieve more than my goal, there's probably going to be even more fireworks which means a better party. If you'd like to, you can donate beacons and the blocks needed for them. I would not like to spend a ton of rupees on beacons and blocks since I cannot obtain those very easily myself.
    If you did donate and want your item(s) back after the party, I can give you them back, as long as you say what you donated. However, if you donated items as drops, you will not be able to get your item(s) back. When sending mail, title it "Drops" if the item(s) are for dropping. Any items that are not included in the list above or are not beacons or blocks for the beacons will be considered a drop.
    I recommend mailing items you want to get back since I usually won't believe people who "want their items back" but didn't donate or did but didn't donate what they're saying they want back.
    I don't need pointless items. Please only donate items to be considered a drop and/or beacons and their blocks and/or items on the list.
  2. Sorry about the random spaces in certain areas of this thread! Issue fixed. I always have Chrome as a spare browser. Chrome is too popular, making certain things only work with Chrome. I would change the title if I could to add in the "[EVENT]" part. Sorry about not including that!
  3. No more animals.

    Chickens only :D
  4. I now have my new account, this thread now is posted by the wrong account. This thread seems to be getting barely any attention, so this party may not happen at all. I would reschedule to the 25th, but the 24th is my Birthday which is one of the main reasons why I'm having this party. Everyone seems to be careless about my party and only care about other people's parties that they know better... oh well, I'll do what I can and try my best like I have been for the past few days.
  5. The party will be happening today! Don't miss it! Find your time on my post! To reach my res for the party, go to smp6 and type "/v +catsparty" or "/v +wip2"